A.E. Blair Photography FAQ’s

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Listed below are questions we are frequently asked at A.E. Blair Photography. Should you not find the inquiry you are searching for, or an answer is not elaborated to your satisfaction, please click here to make your submission. Thank you for viewing!

Index of Questions

General Questions

Racing Questions

Senior Shoot Questions

Wedding/Engagement Questions

Payment Questions

Real Estate Shoot Questions

Headshot, Individual/Family Portraits, Newborn Shoots, Product Photography Questions


Generation Questions


Do you deliver every image you shoot?

No. A.E. Blair Photography only delivers the highest quality images to our clients. Images that do not meet our quality standards are permanently deleted.

How do you back up your images?

We us a two-step method that ensures all images are secured. Images that are released to clients are then stored on an external hard drive and stored in a safe location.

What file size do you shoot in?

It all depends on your needs. Weddings, I usually shoot in Raw+JPG, while racing, pure JPG. All of course are large file sizes for best quality during editing.

When I hire you, will you be the one shooting my session?

Yes! While I do believe in hiring a second shooter for bigger events, it is important to know you are hiring ME. Therefore, I do not book a job unless I have that slot open, and dedicated to YOU as the client.

Do you release the copyright of your images?

Typically, no. We retain copyright of all images to simplify legalities. However, in rare cases where it would make more sense, we do release the copyright of an image. Please note this is an expensive rout to take.

Do you provide framing services?

Yes! We provide framing services for all images we take. Contact here to inquire about size availability and pricing.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes! A.E. Blair Photography is Bonded and Insured to ensure all liabilities are covered.

Financial Questions (Payment, Tax, Travel, etc.)

This section applies to A.E. Blair Photography as a whole.

Click here to submit an online payment. *Please know our method of online payments is safe and secure. Your financial information will NOT be stored in our database.

Click here to submit payment by check/money order.

Click here to submit payment by cash. *Please do not send cash by mail. Not only is this not safe, it is illegal.

Do you charge any taxes?

A.E. Blair Photography abides by all laws in our respective communities. Sometimes this includes charging tax on our products. Should a tax be required, you will be notified asap. Currently though, the only taxes are on our retail merchandise.

Do you charge travel fees?

Yes. Click here for a complete list of travel fees.

Please explain your travel fees.

All of our prices are geared for us to serve the twenty-mile radius around us. Sometimes a job may require us to travel outside of this area, therefore increasing our expenses. All travel fees are set according to the expenses we may incur.

What discounts do you offer?

Please see our promo page for complete discounts.

Do you charge more for credit card payments versus check/cash payments?

No. We offer the same price whether you choose to pay cash or credit.


Racing Questions

Do you sell your work?

Yes. However, I always recommend using the photographer the track has hired first. I also do not bring prints to any speedway. Most of my credential agreements ask that I do not sell on speedway property. To stay consistent, I do not sell on any property I visit.

Do you do hero cards?

Yes and No… Let me explain: I would prefer local racers to use their respective track photographer for this service. If your local track photographer does not offer this service, then we can talk about doing business.

How long does it take to get my prints?

Right now, we are working with various third-party print labs to ensure efficiency. Many jobs require different wait times, depending on many different factors. Click here to request an estimate on how long your project will take, from start to finish.


Senior Shoots

When is the best time of year to complete these shoots?

Ideally, you want to do your Senior shoot in fall. However, it is up to you to decide exactly when you want it done.

How long does it take to get my images?

With senior shoots, we usually have an approximate turnaround of one week.

How are my images delivered?

As part of your package, we will mail you a CD of edited photos. The day after your shoot we will do a teaser on Facebook or email.

How long do your sessions last?

All sessions are timed for two hours at two locations. See complete details here on session times, rates, and if there are any promos or limitations.


Wedding/Engagement Questions

Engagement Session:

When is the best time to schedule an engagement session?

The sooner the better of course. Depending on when your wedding is, you should at give yourself time to put the engagement pics on the invites/save-the-dates.

What locations do you recommend for my engagement sessions?

This is totally up to you. If you would like, I can look at the theme of your wedding, and use that to come up with locations that would best match.

What should I wear to my engagement session?

Again, this all has to do with the theme of your wedding.

How many images do you deliver for engagement sessions?

On average, I release about 20 to 30 images of your engagement session.

What is the turnaround time for my engagement photos?

The timeline for your engagement photos is this: Next Day – Teaser images, Week One – Receive Digital Images, Week Two – Prints (if ordered) can be expected.

Can you make a custom save-the-date print from our engagement images?

Yes! To save time in your planning, let me design your save-the-dates! Click here for pricing and options!

Leading up to the Wedding Day:

Can we see a list of past clients and their reviews?

While I respect that you would ask this, and it is customary to seek references if you are hiring somebody for a job, I also prefer to keep my client list private for a few reasons. One being that their opinions could be seen as biased. After all, I would only choose the ones who rated me at the top. Second, my clients invest in me to capture their wedding. It is only fair that I not have them market me on their own time. I do however offer a non-biased survey after the wedding. While I do not share the results of the survey, it does help me better serve my clients by providing me with feedback to aspects of my services that I would have never otherwise looked at.

Will you accept a list of things I want you to photograph on my wedding day?

Yes! This is your wedding. By all means, make me a list of images you want. While I can never guarantee all will be captured, you will not be disappointed!

When should I have this list in by?

You can hand me the list day of shoot. Keep in mind however, sometimes coordinating these shots will be more difficult if the list is provided the day of the wedding.

Wedding Day:

What should my timeline look like?

Click here to view a timeline that I have put together listing an ideal timeline.

What if I go past my contracted time?

Your package has a 15 minute grace period when you go over your allotted time. After that, we do charge an hourly rate. This rate will be highlighted in your session contract.

Do I pay for time you are not shooting my wedding?

No. Our time is figured around breaks, meal times, etc. Your contract will point all of these factors out.

I would like to have a second photographer for my wedding. Can you arrange one for me?

Yes. I actually encourage a second photographer. While I would love to take credit for capturing everything in your wedding, and I will capture A LOT, I think it is beneficial for you to have a second lens to capture what happens when I’m shooting another assignment in your wedding.

Can I take bridal portraits before the wedding date?

Yes! With our upgraded package, this will be at no extra charge for you. Otherwise, please contact me for my rates on added services such as this.

When do you typically arrive at the wedding venues?

Rule of thumb, I like to arrive at least an hour before to acclimate to lighting and scout out areas where certain shots will take place.


Will the second or third photographer have the same style as you?

Not necessarily. This is not a bad thing either! Sometimes different styles allows you to get a diverse wedding album that will shock your family; all for one price!

Post Production Questions:

What is the wait time for my wedding photos?

I like to have your photos to you by two weeks. This all depends on how much time is needed for editing however. Should a venue not have favorable lighting, we could take a few more days to clean up blemishes.

How long does it take to get my actual wedding album?

Click here to get an estimate of how much your album will cost.

Can I order an engagement album?

Yes. Click here to get a quote on your engagement album.

Image DVD and Legal Questions:

What is the process to follow if my DVD disk arrives damaged?

All DVD’s shipped will come with insurance from the Post Office. Click here should a DVD arrive damaged. The DVD must be returned in order to proceed.

Do you provide RAW files?

No. RAW files are not released for many reasons. One main reason is they take up way too much disc space.