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Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time, I get questions that are more frequent. I have made this page to save you some time if I can answer your questions without back and forth emails, calls or text. If there is a questions you feel I did not answer on here clearly, or if there is one you want to add, please use the contact form below. 

General FAQ's

I do not have any “max” on mileage for traveling. Typically, a session price includes up to a 15 mile radius from “home base” in North Pekin. 

For travel outside of the 15 mile radius, please reach out to me for a quote. 

Absolutely! I am always up for an adventure or travel. Please contact me for a personalized quote on your travel needs. 

Of course! My photos are my product, and the only way I know you are getting quality is by doing all of the editing myself. 

No. In order to perfect lighting and angles, we need to take test shots. Not to mention there are incidents where focus just isn’t where I want it to be, so I discard the image. 

Yes. Because of my schedule, I require a retainer to place you on my calendar. My retainer is $50.00, or 10% of the total session price, which ever is greater. This retainer is NON-REFUNDABLE, regardless of your session. Should you require a date change, I am happy to accommodate your request. 

Yes! I love working with small business, large business, entrepreneurs alike. Let’s sit down and brainstorm a perfect plan that fits your business needs.  

Generally, for photography, all sales of products and services are final. No acceptions. 

A.e. Blair Photography retains all copyright to all images taken. Depending on your service provided, you will receive an image release form where you can make prints. 

Unless otherwise specified in written contract, you are held to the standards of a personal use license. In a nutshell, you are not to sell, edit, or provide images taken to anyone else for any reason other than to display for personal use. 

Yes. I have an amazing attorney that needs to put kids through college. Please do not be the one that makes this possible. I have software that tracks metadata I imprint in all photos that will detect if my images show up on the web anywhere other than where I place them. If you need a photo or would like to use one of my images, please reach out to me. I am very reasonable until theft is involved. 

Payment FAQ's

Yes. A.e. Blair Photography offers payment plans for our clients. These plans will vary depending on your photography needs. 

In order for A.e. Blair Photography to execute your session, we need at least 50% payment of total contracted price at the date of your session (excluding weddings – see next question). We will not start processing (editing) photos until the entire balance on your account has been paid. 

*late fees apply; see your agreement for a complete payment schedule.

Your specific wedding plan will be outlined in your agreement with A.e. Blair Photography. Typically, 50% of the total agreement price is due at the time of the Engagement Photo Session. Due to the complexity of weddings, A.e. Blair Photography requires 100% agreement price due one week before your wedding date. 

*late fees apply; see your wedding agreement for complete schedule of payment. 

A.e. Blair Photography offers many easy payment options for you to choose from. Here are some below:

  • Cash… it goes without saying. All cash transactions will receive a receipt for record.
  • Check… If writing a check, please make payable to A.e. Blair. Checks payments require one week clearing before considered “paid in full”. 
  • Credit/Debit… A.e. Blair Photography uses Square secure checkout and invoicing to offer secure and easy payments to our clients. 
  • Other means… A.e. Blair Photography will accept Paypal as another form of payment. We are working towards Cashapp and Venmo in the coming months. 

All payment methods with A.e. Blair Photography are secure. Your information will not be shared with ANYONE unless for the purpose of completing our agreed transaction. 

Yes! A.e. Blair Photography utilizes Square, a payment portal that is one of the safest around to handle your sensitive information. 

Image Storage and Image Delivery FAQ's

A.e. Blair Photography delivers all images online, via our website. Upon completion of your editing, we will upload your images to your very own password protected gallery and notify you via email of said upload. There, you may log in and download any image you wish at your own leisure. 

In your gallery, you will be able to order prints directly from my vendor. They will take the order, secure payment, and ship them to you. This is the fastest way we are able to deliver prints to our clients. 

You do have the option of downloading images from your gallery and printing them at your leisure. Please refer to the image release statement provided to you, so outside printing sources are able to print your images without hassle. 

A.e. Blair Photography offers a password protected gallery to our clients for up to one year at no cost. A.e. Blair Photography will maintain your password protected gallery for each additional year at $5 per gallery, per year. 

A.e. Blair Photography stores all images taken on a hard drive and cloud system indefinitely. Should you need to retrieve an image no longer kept in a gallery, please reach out for your request. *an image request fee may apply if you are researching one or multiple images. 

This heavily depends on the type of photography service we are offering and our current workflow. See below some examples of when we process your images and when they are delivered (via password protected gallery):

  • Engagement: Typically, engagement sessions are delivered within 48-72 hours after session completion. 
  • Weddings: A.e. Blair Photography usually begins work on your gallery on your wedding night. Depending on wedding size will dictate your image delivery time. In the past, I have been able to deliver images within two weeks. We will be in constant contact on the status of your images. 
  • Family: Please allow 48-72 hours for family portraits to be delivered.  
  • Business: Please allow 48-72 for image delivery. 

Rush image delivery is available for business and engagement clients. Rush image delivery is $35 for every 50 images. Minimum of $35, regardless if 50 images is reached or not. Rush delivery guarantees 24 hour turnaround time. 

Click on “Order Prints” in the upper or lower menu. Simply input your Client ID, sent via payment confirmation email. You may also follow the custom link I will send to you in the same email. If none of these options work, please reach out. 

Business Specific FAQ's

Rush photo shoots are based on my availability. There are occasions where a rush shoot is not possible due to a full calendar. Please contact me to check availability and pricing on rush sessions. 

Currently, rush sessions are not available for drone photography. To stay compliant with the FAA, A.e. Blair Photography must gain permission with local FAA officials to ensure flying is legal. 

Great question! I utilize Google Meet to facilitate our meeting. This, along with my ability to send invoices with secure payment portals via Square optimize the ability to do business without being face to face. 

This is great for real estate clients that have properties in my area, but are not physically here. 

Wedding Specific FAQ's

I am not sure that I adhere to one particular style or another. Since your wedding is an event, I like to think I capture incidents as they happen. My style is very much a hybrid of candid and portrait. 

For engagements, we usually deliver between 30 and 50, give or take. For your wedding day, I can deliver anywhere from 100 and above. Wedding day photo counts vary depending on how many candid images we can capture. 

Of course! This is one of my favorite parts of photographing a wedding, capturing all of the detail. Depending on the venue, I like to get there a little before everyone getting ready to capture the details. I also try to stick around for breakdown as well. 

I usually like to be there for the rehearsal dinner to capture some of the moments of getting ready, decorating, etc. This also gives me an opportunity to make a layout plan and get an idea of my areas where I will be favoring for images. 

I typically like to have a second shooter. I am one person, so another set of eyes doesn’t hurt. My second shooters are between $50 and $75 per hour, and all of the money dedicated to them, goes to them. I do not make a profit from a second shooter.  

This may seem weird, or not, but I prefer to limit cell phone photos. It has been my experience that family with cell phones like to step in front of the paid photographer every time. In your contract, you will see that I am not liable for missed images due to these events happening. It is a free country, so do as you please, but understand I am not liable for missed shots because of cell phone photography interuption. 

By all means, let them have fun with it! I am all for the development of photogs and will do what I can to help out. This goes along with my cell phone policy however. If I miss a shot due to interruption, I am not held liable. 

I would also be happy as your family member being a second shooter! Please give me a couple weeks heads up before the big day so I can make arrangements accordingly. Also, having their contact info is good for pre planning. 

Please, please do. As a professional, I have many different angles I can get, many different images I can get; but I may only get a handful of what YOU want. Therefore, if you make me a list, I would be happy to go through and get as many as I can of the shots you want. Afterall, your happiness is my priority. 

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