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What is your style? 

Since I started photography in 2008, I have adapted to many styles depending on the industry I am photographing for.

My favorite style to shoot is candid. Catching life in the moment with little direction gives off some amazing portraits that you can show off to your family and friends. Regardless of your photography need, know you are going to get quality work. 

What photography services do you offer? 

Name the industry, and I’ve probably worked it in some capacity. If I had to pick three of the most common, I do… [Family | Business Portrait | Wedding] 

You are welcome to request any type of photography, and I will be happy to let you know if I do it and my availability. 

Where do you take photos?

A.e. Blair Photography serves the Central Illinois area primarily. Beginning in 2023, I will be transitioning to the Denver, Colorado region. 

Regardless of your location, simply let me know and I can let you know the logistics and my availability to complete your request. 

How much do you charge? 

Different services charge different prices. I have no hidden costs however. Each service section has a detailed price list that illustrates exactly what you can expect when you invest in my services, down to the retainer. I offer my business services with integrity, you deserve only the best. 

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