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Coming Soon... April 2022

A.e. Blair Photography has had enough! … I listened to my Clients’, and I had a large percentage of unhappy clients and the inability to find their albums. After sifting through all of the “drag and drop” options, I decided that I would take your experience into my own hands, and not the hands of my webhost. Check out below some of the changes that are coming to A.e. Blair Photography! 

A secure storefront with simplified products and fair pricing. Easy is my motto when it comes to the user experience. I am working tirelessly to ensure you have ease of ordering with your prints! Speaking of the prints, I am offering only the highest quality paper prints! 

Organized galleries! One of the most time consuming processing right now is organizing all of the 75+ Thousand images I have with my current host. 

Security! A.e. Blair Photography will have a layer of encryption that is industry leading, keeping you and your computer safe.

Client galleries will be password protected to ensure your images are in the right hands.

I am beefing up my infrastructure in 2022 to ensure all photos and video files are backed up! Your files will be stored on three separate servers to preserve your memories. 

New services! In 2022, I will be diversifying my portfolio with services that have been asked of me, but that I have not been able to provide. These will be flagship and add-on services to the brand. 

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